Mr. Edelchan – Germany

The easiest way to travels around the island is with your own driver – what is really affordable in Sri Lanka. The traffic here is nothing for our driving habits – better, one enjoys laid-back the surroundings and the life passing by. A specific feature in Sri Lanka: many lodgings offer a free driver’s accommodation. Our local travel agency Showlanka Tours and their driver knows them all and can give recommendations and take care of any reservation. To us our driver was during 3 weeks a good companion, interesting conversational partner and attentive careful driver. At the airport we bought on arrival a local pre-paid card for an old mobile phone we have brought. So we could always get easy in contact with our driver. In Sri Lanka also calls to foreign countries are relatively cheap. We enjoyed to stay in a mix of different kind of accommodations, in charming family-run guest houses, an old colonial house, an architectural jewel of modern design and a luxurious small planter’s house.

Today Sri Lanka is a miraculous and safe travel destination. We were astonished how much is to be discovered on such a small spot on earth not bigger than Bavaria: tropical palm beaches, lush green rain forests, botanical gardens, elephants and leopards Safaris, tea plantations in the chill humid highland, mountain landscapes with deep gaps and waterfalls, king’s sites, colonial culture beside Buddhist temples, living religions and ceremonies – and really good curry…

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