Ms. Duddi K – Israel

We are a couple from Israel, and we were in Sri Lanka for our honeymoon in September 2012.
During the trip we were at UBR few nights. Excellent hotel, very high class and very accommodating staff. Recommended!

We were in Sri Lanka for two weeks, during which time we were with a tour guide / driver from Showlanka Tours. This is an excellent tour company with professional guides, pleasant, friendly and English speakers workers.
Even before we arrived they took care of all the necessary arrangements for the trip: Plan a route precisely to our needs and desires, reservations for the hotels we asked for according to the level and budget we wanted, tour sites tickets (if needed).
Hotel prices were always lower than what we have seen on online booking websites. In some cases, we wanted hotels that were fully booked (according to the websites), but our guide arranged a room for us just as we wanted…

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