Adventure Tours


This is better for youthful & fit travelers to do hiking & tracking , water rafting , rock climbing , camping ,Kayaking & canoeing   and nature trails etc.

01 Day

“Sri Lanka – described by Marco Polo as the most beautiful island in the world”, It is a memorable experience in the lush green environment with a tropical climate. Wilderness camping in Sri Lanka is the most exciting way to stay overnight in nature.You can get newest strange Sri Lankan Traditional experience from this camping. At the night you can go to jungle after few traveling few ways. canoe ride after the canoe ride you have to go with cow cart after that ride you will be able to come place which sinhala is called “Pela” a hut which is on the tree. in that place you can take beer with B.B.Q with traditional Sri Lankan music. In Mid night you can go safari in that jungle. You can get unforgettable enjoyment with this journey.


The city of Kandy lies at an altitude of 488.6 meters (1629 feet) above sea level in the center of the island and surrounded by the ranges of mountains. It is still very much a focal point of Sri Lankan culture. It was the capitol of last generation of Sri Lanka`s kings until it fell in to the hands of British in 1815.


“Knuckles” is a huge mountain range gifted with ecological, social and historical treasures and hosts a vastly diverse indigenous flora and fauna. Having considered the significance of the Knuckles, the centre is established by the Socio-Environmental Society to facilitate local and foreign Nature lovers, Eco-tourists.


Riverston is a unique and creative gift of Mother Lanka. It is one of the best places to spend holidays and a few places to be visited like the Pitawala Pathana, mini World’s End and small waterfalls


Adam’s Peak is a 2,243 metres (7,359 ft) tall conical mountain located in central Sri Lanka. It is well-known for the Sri Pada “sacred footprint”, a 1.8 m rock formation near the summit, in Buddhist tradition held to be the footprint of the Buddha, in Hindu tradition that of Shiva, in Christian tradition that of St. Thomas, and in Muslim tradition that of Adam..



Situated at around 2000m above sea level and surrounded by lush tea plantations. Nuwara Eliya is the main hill resort of Sri Lanka and the heart of the tea industry. This city with an elevation of 6200 meters is the highest in Sri Lanka. Once a pleasure retreats of the European planters the town is still very much an English town with many English style bungalows and buildings.

Worlds End

Worlds End means the place which has highest gap in Sri Lanka. This place is situated at the border of Nuwaraeliya, Badulla and Rathnapura districts and also   Horton plains which is highest plain in Sri Lanka. There has two worlds ends one of the small worlds end and other one is big worlds end. The big worlds end is higher than other gaps. You can Travel to this place via Nuwaraeliya,  Pattipola, Ambewela road  or via Boralanda,   Ohiya road.There are a lot of beautiful places and a lot of beautiful scenarios can be seen in down side of Words End at clear time. In the  morning time the down side is very clear and viewed long distance and beautiful sceneries

07 Day –ELLA

Ella is a beautiful small village in Sri Lanka’s hill country. It has an almost perfect climate and occupies a very scenic vantage point, with Some of the places you could see in Ella are the Ella Gap, Ravana Ella Falls, Little Adam’s Peak and Bambaragala Peak among the other many varied pleasant walks with stunning scenery


08 Day –THISSA

Tissamaharama was the capital of the south-eastern region of Sri Lanka in ancient times. The quaint little town, with its Tissamaharamaya Stupa, historical importance and gorgeous ecological settings, weaves a spell around all who visit here.



Sinharaja Rain Forest is the country’s last viable area of primary tropical rainforest. More than 60% of the trees are endemic and many of them are considered rare. There is much endemic wildlife, especially birds, but the reserve is also home to over 50% of Sri Lanka’s endemic species of mammals and butterflies, as well as many kinds of insects, reptiles and rare amphibians.


South Coastal area is very famous to spend your vacation on beach. Through this area you can get entertainment with Dolphin watching, Whale watching, Coral, and live Turtle and turtle farms. It’s depend on guest request